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  • Top 3 Reasons to Use Reverse Search

    25 October 2013, 12:35

    How—and why—you should use  AllureMate’s newest feature to control who sees you in browse

    Reverse Search Internal

    What if the search for your perfect match could get smarter? has recently launched its Reverse Search feature for web (now available on mobile!, which means you can decide who can see you in browse so you’re only contacted by singles you’re interested in.

    Why use Reverse Search? Here are the top 3 reasons to set up your preferences now!

    1. Save Time

    We know your everyday schedule is busy, and when it comes to dating—online and offline—no one has the time to talk to every person they come in contact with. Now you don’t have to worry about logging in to an overwhelmingly flooded inbox. Your messages and IM’s will only come from potential dates you want to hear from.

    2. Get Focused

    Location, location. Interested in meeting someone from another country? Set your location preference to all. Only interested in men in your immediate area so you can link up in person for a first date? Set your location preference to 25 miles. Get focused and hone in on the exact matches you want to hear from based on their age and location. Now no one has to be geographically undesirable.

    3. Take Control

    Now you’re in the driver’s seat with complete control over your online dating experience. With millions of users on, the dating space can feel enormous and unmanageable. Pairing your new Reverse Search option with your existing Advanced Search feature helps you narrow down the dating field and make more relevant, meaningful connections.

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    Now that you know all the great benefits to setting your Reverse Search preferences, get started! Here’s how in 3 easy steps:

    STEP 1

    Click “Control who sees you” located on the right hand side of the blue browse tab

    Reverse Search Screenshot

    STEP 2

    Set your location and age preferences. Here you can dictate whether you would like users only within your country or as close as 25 miles to be able to view your profile and you can set the minimum and maximum age of a user that is allowed to contact you.

    search preferences

    Step 3

    Save your preferences!

    save preferences


    Now just sit back and enjoy your new online dating experience.


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